Peak Performance

Peak Performance – 3 Days Minimum

CieL ScribbleMaintaining consistent high achievements over several years requires more than willpower or a “keep going” attitude.  To be -and remain – at the top of your game, you need strategies, techniques and knowledge of how you function at your best.

This retreat is all about learning how to continue to perform at your best while remaining sane, healthy and superbly efficient! If you want to make sure you do not reach the critical point of burnout, choose Peak Performance!

We will teach you practical tools and techniques to be at you best when you need it most, know how to “switch off” and “on” at will, remain in control, have energy, focus, a clear head and build resilience.  With methods similar to those used by Olympians, we work on having you feeling great with the brain power of a corporate athlete!

The “Lighten Up”, “Peak Performance” and “Pure Sophrology”  Retreats can be booked at any point during the year (depending on availability and space) either as a VIP stay on an individual basis or for a small group of friends. We can also adapt them for your staff for corporate retreats.

  • Individual VIP basis per day: £350 all included 
  • Please contact us for a quote for a small group or a corporate event

 In all of these retreats, you will receive a questionnaire beforehand and we will prepare a personalised plan for your stay. It usually involves 3 personalised individual treatments per day from the following, depending on what you need:

  • Sophrology Ÿ
  • Nutrition Ÿ
  • Reiki Ÿ
  • Acupuncture Ÿ
  • Tui-Na Massages Ÿ
  • Aromatherapy Massages Ÿ
  • Sea-based Treatments Ÿ
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Ÿ
  • Osteopathy Ÿ
  • Talking therapy Ÿ
  • Coaching