Pain Management

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                   Cancer Support- Pain Management





Diagnosed with a cancer, life seems to topple over overnight and take another perspective.

According to Jacques Salomé, French Psychology-sociologist; “the disease is an alarm call from the body”.

Your body talks to you about you.

During this retreat, you will have a time for you, time to reconnect with yourself and take back control of your body. You will re-learn to pay attention to your body, to listen to it, to work with it and not against it.

During this retreat, you will learn Sophrology techniques which will help you to manage fatigue, stress, anxiety and side effects of chemotherapy.

It will strengthen you and enhance your potential during this difficult period of your life.

With our « A la carte » menu, you can choose and add any therapy you need.

Our retreat comes as a supplement to your medical care by offering you a holistic approach where you are the main actor.

The aim of Light Bubble Retreats’ cancer support is to support you throughout your healing process and help to regain control of your destiny.

You can also opt for a weekly group session in Startford London.

A day retreat costs : £95

An hour session in London costs: £15