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Claudia Loubassa

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Claudia is prophylactic Sophrologist and talking therapist specializing in common mental difficulties and emotional traumas.

Her person-centered therapeutical approach allows her client to explore, pacify quietly difficult time in their history, be aware to what is going on within them and cultivate positive thoughts.

Throughout her years of practice in Paris and London, Claudia realized that a multidisciplinary and holistic program would be more appropriate in the prevention and the fight against contemporary emotional difficulties such as stress, anxiety,phobias, fears, burnout.

In 2016, she created Light Bubble Retrets (LBR) whose goal is to offer to her clients a resting place away from the urban jungle and everyday concerns. A place where they can listen to themselve, rest and learn mindful dynamic relaxation techniques which can be use in their everyday life as soon as the need arise.

Our client will as well be able to access our specialists according to their needs.

Claudia has sought out and surrounded herself with the best specialists in the following therapies and disciplines :

Osteopathy : Body therapy that works on muscles, joints and spine. Its purpose is to allow the proper functioning of nervous, ciculatory and lympathic system.

Massage : Body therapy that performs hand movements on skin, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Acupuncture : Therapy that reinforces the internal processes of self-regulation and healing that are undermined by stress, virus and other externals factors.

Reiki : Touch therapy that aims to improve the circulation of body energy in order to activate the process of self-healing.

Nutrition : Is a discipline that teaches us how to proprely feed our body in order to avoid deficience and excesses. Its help prevent and treat diseases in some case.

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Gestalt : Therapy centered on learning to live the present moment « here and now ».