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Light Bubble Retreats is the unique place throughout UK where you are at the center of all attention.

You learn Tools and techniques that will be useful to you throughout your life course.

If you feel, overwhelmed, stress, tired and want to learn how to manage or prevent the side effects of stress; Instant Serenity is designed for you.

Click on the blue link to reserve and pay for the event on a secure and protected Platform or book by email and pay by bank transfer.

Instant Serenity

Available dates and booking:

  • Sunday 19th February 2017:  (transaction fee apply)

  • Sunday 19th March 2017

  • Sunday 23rd April 2017
  • Sunday 21st May 2017
  • Sunday 18th June 2017
  • Sunday 16th July
  • No Retreats in August 2017

You can book as well by email: (No transaction fee)

If you have been diagnosed with the cancer, wish to be supported althrough your Healing process and take back your destiny in control; Cancer support is for you.

  • Please email us for available dates.
If you are pregnant, you want to create a Relationship with your baby from the womb.
If you want to increase your self-confidence and be able manage pains and aches  linked to
childbirth; Prenatal Program is designed for you.
  • Please email us for available dates
We have in London group sessions once a week in Stratford London.
  • Please email us for available dates.