Transformational Coaching

Sue Quigley SMALLSue Quigley uses the principles of thought, mind and consciousness to gently guide her clients back to their own innate health and wellbeing. Transformational coaching is for anyone who is experiencing stress, lack of self esteem, blocks in being able to move forward or simply just want to experience more from life. Perhaps you have reached a point in your life where you suddenly don’t know who you are any more and are trying to find your own identity.  Working from a belief that we are all far more than we think we are; Sue works with her clients to enable them to see their own full potential.

We are often looking for the ‘thing’ that will enable us to be more, do more and have more and all with less stress, more motivation and increased confidence. In striving to achieve all of this, we often miss that there is only ever one thing that gets in our way: State of mind. All of Sue’s work with clients focuses on state of mind. Pointing them to the source of their challenges results in an increased awareness of how their thinking in the moment determines their outcome. Working at this level enables clients to insightfully see the source of their issues and challenges.

“I believe when we see that we are not the labels we have assumed for ourselves and start to live outside of given expectations, we start to experience what it is to truly step into our own guiding light. From this place we experience far more ease, serenity and creativity. By doing less we actually achieve much more”

Sue is a certified Clarity® coach, trainer and facilitator and fully certified to Master level in the modalities of NLP and Time Line Therapy®. In addition to personal coaching, Sue also delivers workshops and leads a business networking group called Mums UnLtd.

Days: Friday

Price: £80 one hour