Talking Therapy

Talking Therapy with Claudia Loubassa

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Claudia is a Sophrology and Counselling practitioner. She graduated from two prestigious French Sophrology & Counselling private schools, and started practicing in France in 2010 before moving to UK.

In France, Claudia worked for a couple of years with clients referred by her General Practitioner network.  Based in London today, she works in her Private practice and with companies.  In her practice, Claudia combines Sophrology and Counselling in a complementary way, and focuses on people’s well-being by targeting the stresses and strains of daily life.  Claudia is an expert in the prevention of illness due to emotional difficulties such as anxiety, fears, phobias, stress and so on.

For Claudia, It’s crucial not to swallow, bury and ignore feelings, in order to avoid the body’s reactions such as stomach aches, headaches, sleeping problems and many more side effects.  She provides a secure and confidential place where clients can open up and express their feelings.  Claudia helps clients to develop their own tools and skills to help them to deal with future problems.

In addition, she also supports companies to reduce psychosocial risks at work and to increase employees’ performance by teaching Sophrology techniques for a mindful working.

Days:   Monday and Thursday

Price:   £80