Sophrology means “the science of the mind in harmony”. Created in Spain in 1960 by a neuro-psychiatrist, it is a life-balancing technique aiming at an alert mind in a relaxed body. At the crossroads between Western relaxation and Eastern meditation, it is simple and does not require complicated postures or large amounts of time each day. It is also very flexible and adapts to the person’s needs with tailor-made programmes.  A bit like a super-charged, super-fast meditation where you use both your body and your mind to learn to feel better.

So in real life, what does it mean?  When you take a Sophrology class or have a one to one session, you learn a very practical set of tools based on relaxation, breathing, mind focusing exercises, visualisation and simple movements. You repeat the exercises at home and learn to integrate them in your everyday life

Sophrology is particularly helpful with stress, anxiety, sports mental preparation, stage performance, and insomnia. It has been used intensively on the continent, mainly in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain, for nearly 60 years in companies, sports coaching, schools and hospitals.  The aim is to build up resilience to deal better with everyday challenges.

Days:   Any day

Price    £80