Annabel Morgand D.O, BSc Hons (ost)
Member of the British Osteopathic Association (B.O.A)
General Osteopathic Council ( GOSc) registered

Annabel Morgand smallOsteopathy is a manual medicine, that addresses the mind, body and spirit.  Its main goal is to the find the cause of the symptoms, that can be found at a distance from the pain, and by removing the ‘blockage’ (which can be mechanical, visceral, emotional or environmental), health and balance can be restored.  Various gentle techniques are used, from structural, to visceral, emotional or cranio-sacral (working with the nervous system), which offers a range of approaches that can be best tailored to the patients need at that moment.

Annabel graduated from the European School of Osteopathy 10 years ago, and carried on teaching there for 5 years. She also enriched her practice learning from other therapies, and completed a two years part –time training in energy medicine, and chakra work.  Having worked  closely with a naturopath and nutritionist for five years, Annabel has gained insight and knowledge in the influence of nutrition, food and life style on the body and its ability to cope with the many modern stresses.

Annabel says: “I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with people who have decided to give themselves time, care and self-love. The retreat, slow pace, inner search, would provide a great opportunity to release in depth blockages, thus promoting a boost in health, balance and free flow of energy for optimum function! I look forwards to embarking on that journey with you!”

Days:   Thursdays Only

Price:   £60 (one hour session – wear loose clothing)