Nutrition with Claire Rother – The Life Delight

Claire Rother 2Claire Rother, MSc, is an integrative health expert specialising in the fields of botanical medicine, nutritional therapy, psycho-neuro-immunology and stress reduction. She holds a First Class Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Medicine and a Master of Science degree in Psychology with distinction. She has studied yoga and mindfulness meditation and has post graduate training in Clinical Psycho-neuro-immunology.

In addition to her private practice Claire has also worked as a Research Assistant in the field of interpersonal neurobiology and as an Assistant Psychologist supporting the delivery of anger management, mindfulness and relaxation therapies to adults with a range of mental health problems.

Claire works with patients from the perspective of functional medicine. Functional medicine is a holistic, patient-centered approach that focuses on addressing the underlying cause of a person’s illness rather than simply focusing on isolated symptoms. It takes into account the individuality of each person and the effect of lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors on the expression of health and disease.  It aims to educate and empower patients to take back their health.

Claire’s work has been profoundly influenced by her own health troubles. Having suffered from mental and physical health issues she is able to truly relate to and understand the difficulties others face in their health struggles. She brings the wisdom, knowledge and compassion gained from her personal journey to help others reclaim their health and empower themselves to live a happier, healthier life.

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